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A monitor for new filings for The Texas Public Utilities Commission

Looking deeper into the Entrust filings, I might have found a way to identify which retail providers are going to be filing for bankruptcy. The PUC filed a "PETITION TO REVOKE THE RETAIL ELECTRIC PROVIDER CERTIFICATE" for Entrust. I don't have a clue what the legal jargon means but one sentence stood out

"Under ERCOT Protocols § and Retail Market Guide § 7.11, ERCOT initiated a mass transition of Entrust Energy's customers to other REPs on March 3,2021. Given these circumstances, Commission Staff believes that Entrust Energy is no longer able to meet its financial obligations to ERCOT."

I thought to myself - "self this looks like a way to monitor electric retail providers that are eff'd. Maybe I can setup a monitor for this and maybe if I am lucky they have an RSS feed!"

Click on the picture and put in the docket number 51867 in the Control Number Field.

(PUC does not provide hyperlinks on their RSS, so the links on the monitor don't work. A filtered version in the Lord Rupert Everton Post)

How great is RSS Dog!!! Big thumbs up to Dynaweb Designs! (I want the old internet back, where I don't have to subscribe for a service I will only use once in a blue moon.)

PUC site gives you the RSS code for all of the filings....RSS Dog can also sniff out the 51867 docket number and spit out code for html iframe.


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