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William Robert Shelburne (Bobby)
January 13, 1972 - November 20, 2016

The name CatFIX may seem strange for a business, but it has a simple origin.


When I started the company, my goal was to make FIX (Financial Information Exchange) connectivity more affordable for businesses using the Bloomberg Trade Order Management System.


My older brother, Bobby, affectionately called me "Catfish," a nickname inspired by his favorite Grateful Dead song, "Catfish John."

I liked the way the word "fix" sounded when it was paired with "cat," so I decided to name my company CatFIX.

In April 2022, CatFIX underwent a major pivot. The company acquired Katana Labs Limited technology stack (source code, cloud assets, cloud architecture) from Hilco Valuation Services.

The acquisition naturally shifted focus from FIX connectivity to artificial intelligence. 

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