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CEO - John Shelburne

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My Story

My career in the financial services industry has been a relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence. With over two decades of experience, I’ve played strategic roles in financial technology and capital markets, showcasing my expertise in developing trading algorithms, electronic trading platforms, and managing key institutional relationships.

Bloomberg LP

I began my career at Bloomberg LP in San Francisco, where I excelled in implementing the Trade Order Management System (TOMS). My responsibilities included marketing and deploying TOMS to a diverse client base of regional broker-dealers and banks. This experience laid the foundation for my deep understanding of financial technology and its application in enhancing trading operations and market efficiency.

Sales & Trading

As I transitioned to roles of increasing responsibility, I served as Vice President at several prominent broker-dealers in Dallas, Texas, including Southwest Securities, Tejas Securities, and Esposito Securities. In these roles, I was instrumental in generating significant revenue through innovative trading strategies and developing electronic trading capabilities. My adeptness at navigating the complex dynamics of the fixed income space, coupled with my technological acumen, enabled these firms to achieve substantial growth and enhance their market competitiveness.

Moving To London

My international experience as a European Client Relationship Manager for Algomi in London exemplified my capability to manage and develop high-value institutional relationships. I designed and implemented custom trading solutions, driving the adoption of advanced technology platforms across the financial industry. My work with Algomi highlighted my strategic vision for the future of financial markets and my ability to bridge technology with user needs to foster significant business growth.

A Cloud Native FIX Engine

In 2019, I founded CatFIX Technology, Inc., demonstrating my entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to innovation within the fixed income sector. My company provided FIX protocol and fixed income marketing consulting to regional banks, showcasing my commitment to enhancing financial technology.

Katana Labs

In May of 2020 (Peak Covid) I became the Sales and Awareness advisor to Katana Labs Ltd. I helped with business development, partner marketing and content creation for their cutting-edge solutions for the fixed income institutional investment community.

An Unexpected Acquisition

A pivotal moment in my career came when I acquired Katana Labs, a move that allowed me to leverage their state-of-the-art intellectual property for identifying bond pair trades that were dislocated and would revert to their mean spread difference. This technology, developed by a multidisciplinary team of experts, including PhDs in Astrophysics and Statistics, cloud systems engineers, and seasoned financial markets professionals, was ahead of its time for the fixed income market.

The technology employs a scalable, distributed processing framework with Apache Beam to analyze vast amounts of bond reference and pricing data. It utilizes a neural network to forecast pairs with the highest probability of mean reversion. The tech stack includes languages and frameworks such as Go, Node.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, and Python, databases like PostgresDB, and cloud services from Google Cloud Platform.

Navigating Challenges and Continuous Learning

Despite the challenges posed by the market, I focused on cutting costs and optimizing the technological infrastructure. I immersed myself in the complexities of pair trading strategies, data engineering, and cloud-based platforms, continually exploring new technologies to deepen my understanding and make the technology more cost-efficient.

Committed to continuous learning, I pursued further education in cloud computing and full stack development at The University of Texas, enhancing my skill set to stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

Future Vision and Legacy

Looking forward, I plan to leverage all that I have learned to build products and business plans suited for the market. While Katana was originally designed for fixed income, I envision many more potential use cases, reflecting my innovative mindset and strategic foresight.

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