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You might be sitting on a gold mine

Understanding the value the data your company generates needs be the top priority after Open AI unleashed ChatGPT to the masses.

So put on your hard hat because it's time to start mining your data.

Open AI founders talk openly about the fact that they know they will have to buy private data sets.

After watching this YouTube I started to think about what data I generate and where the hell it goes.

For instance, take Google Analytics. I used to provide my website's traffic data to Google, thinking it would offer valuable insights on the visitors to my site. My goal was simply to evaluate if my content efforts were paying off. However, I found Google Analytics to be rather confusing and barely used it. The transition to version 4 only added to my confusion, to the point where I had to take a course and become certified to navigate the complex user interface.

My website's traffic may be limited, but it is valuable as it targets a niche audience interested in credit trading technology. Basically its information page for bond nerds who are into electronic trading. I am not selling any products on the site and I don't want people to subscribe to a newsletter. A newsletter just adds more work to my day. Therefore, I am not interested complicated cookies for advertisements.

I just want to know the number of visits within specific timeframes.

Yet, I remain uncertain about Google's usage of my data. Are they selling it? I know that companies like Similarweb have built billion dollar businesses using website traffic data from Google Analytics.

As a result, I decided to discontinue using Google Analytics and switched to

Here are the reasons



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