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Leverage Your Network

I've been using LinkedIn since 2004! That's almost two decades! In the world of social media, I'm a veritable dinosaur. What's more, I've accumulated stupid number of connections - 2,250 to be exact. I don't know most of these people.

Why Is It Necessary To Clean Up Your LinkedIn Connections?

Quality trumps quantity every time, even on LinkedIn. Rather than having thousands of connections who don't really know you or what you do, it's much better to have a smaller, closer-knit network of professionals who can vouch for your abilities and advocate for you.

Steps To Clean Up Your LinkedIn

Here's a guide on how to declutter your LinkedIn account and enhance the quality of your professional network.

Step 1: Evaluate Your Connections - Download EVERYTHING

Begin by scrolling through your connection list. Ask yourself, "Do I know this person? Have I ever interacted with them? Would I feel comfortable reaching out to them for a professional favor?" If the answer is no, it might be time to disconnect.

Step 2: Quality Over Quantity

It's important to remind ourselves that LinkedIn is not a popularity contest. The goal is not to have the most connections but to have meaningful connections. Prioritize quality over quantity.

Step 3: Disconnect Politely

If you choose to disconnect from someone, consider sending them a polite message explaining why. It might be something along the lines of, "I'm in the process of refining my LinkedIn network to include only those individuals with whom I have a strong professional or personal relationship. While it's been a pleasure to connect, I feel it's best to part ways at this point. Thank you for your understanding."

Step 4: Nurture Your Network

Once you've pruned your network, dedicate time to nurturing your remaining connections. Engage with their posts, send them articles they might find interesting, congratulate them on milestones. Relationships, even professional ones, need to be nurtured.

Step 5: Be Selective Moving Forward

Now that your network is a lean, mean, professional machine, be selective about who you add in the future. This will ensure that your network remains a powerful resource and tool for career development.


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