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Hey Siri....what's an epiphany

Earlier this year, I switched from Google Search to Bing because of potential of ChatGPT.

Why NOT......I said to myself....I was tired of seeing so many paid ads for results.

After using BARD for 2 days, I am starting to have that feeling again.

Siri is Awful

When I realized this voice assistant was released in 2011 I started to have another AI epiphany moment (AIpiphany.....trademark maybe???) and might switch to the Pixel.

I know its all about the chips inside the phone that drives the accuracy but 12 years is A LONG TIME.

  • Siri is not very accurate and often misunderstands what I say. (it's frustrating to have to repeat myself over and over again)

  • It's not very customizable. Siri doesn't have as many customization options as other voice assistants, and it's hard to make it work the way I want it to.

  • Voice to text will drive you to Memo and Shortcuts which will lead you to a one way street called Fetal Position.

I could care less about a blue imessage these days. We all know that the blue message is a marketing gimmick.

I'm not sure why Apple hasn't made Siri better after all these years.

It seems like they're content to just let it languish in mediocrity and think brand will save them. It won't. Going long on way out of the money puts if i am right.

Reddit has a hilarious page on the topic -

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