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Emergency Alerts via Twitter

Think about the communication of warnings on February 14, 2021

Look at ERCOTs tweet on the afternoon of February 14th -

Fancy new appliances that I only used is my response

The great thing about Twitter is that you can reply weeks later after you have had a chance to read up on all of the money spent on reports, studies and workshops in 2012.

ERCOT should nominate Clay Jenkins to run the @ERCOTISO twitter account. That dude was tweeting as much as a steroid infused DJT during the week of the 15th.

Why are elected officials tweeting in a crisis? Most people don't have Twitter on their phone so they won't see tweets about the situation. It is probably best for our media outlets to explain the situation b/c well you know....THAT IS THE JOB OF THE MEDIA. Judge Jenkins, the dependency on big tech didn't work to well for Australia so I think you might want to sponsor a bill to figure out a better notification system.

The grid was 4 minutes away from going down. Take it up a notch and put that on a notification similar to an Amber Alert OR Inbound Ballistic Missile Alert.

I am sure ERCOT can come up with better language than me. However, they really need to get the attention of the citizens of Texas.

You could have utilized the emergency broadcasting system or the tornado sirens.

We were a sniff away from a catastrophe...think about that for a minute. The grid was 4 minutes and 37 seconds away from failure. If your an insurance company, then why would you underwrite a policy in Texas without a power supply chain audit.

6 months without power should scare the living crap at of you. (I am currently in the market for a generator)

Credit Default Swaps on the State of Texas might be Michael Burry's new investment strategy.



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