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Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V 2020 Visuals

Well what do you know.....fixed income ETFs are once again the source of nausea for me as I consider the daisy chain effect of one of the large emerging market ETFs blowing up.

Visualizing the carnage this time will be much easier to churn out b/c I have all of the templates from 2020. Just replacing HYG with EMB in my spreadsheet that queries the Ishares webpage and viola u have your price band moves for all of the constituents in EMB. Blackrock does the best job at access to their ETF constituents for the citizen data scientist so I always default to their site.

I am picking up a few new skills with Power BI so I am using this as an opportunity to play with the data going into Flourish.

If your not familiar with Flourish, it is the best visualization tool for cavemen like myself. Even I can use it!

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