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Let's Put Some Lipstick On This Pig

Who doesn't love the moment when a sales manager quotes a cheesy line from Glengarry GlenRoss or Boiler Room?

This type of sales manager is a muppet that breeds sales representatives only looking for a commission and not interested in solving the customer's problems.

Fortunately, this type of sales muppet is on borrowed time. No one wants to talk to a salesperson. Customers want to talk to experts.

Cold calls are dead. The robo-caller put the final nail in the coffin for that channel. So what do the downtown Mitch and Murry reps that go out on missions of mercy do now?

Learn to know how to prompt ChatGPT

kidding but not kidding


The Google

Learning Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Google Ads Retargeting


Landing Pages and psychology of landing page design

If you want to find out who is behind all of the evil UI at FB u should read up on BJ Fogg. Completely unintentional.

Adventure Media - The teacher on all of the Google material Udemy provides courses on his site (if i had the money i would hire them as an agency)


Reverse IP Lookup Tools (I want to see who is clicking on my site)


Leedfeeder (Reverse IP Lookup...not great but does the job and their blog is amazing)


Inside Sales Excellence (Best deal around. Get your entire group to sign up for Kevin's masterclass on Udemy)

Content Creation

Adobe AfterEffects - Motion Graphics

Everything else Adobe - Illustrator -