Visualizing March Price Swings for HYG

Fred Willard was a comedy genius. My favorite Willard character was Mike Lafontaine in A Mighty Wind. The line "Hey, wha happened?!" always makes me crack up. In March of 2020, I think I said "wha happened?!" each time I checked the prices of the underlying securities of HYG. The swings were so vicious and historic that I thought it would be cool to capture the movement in a data visual created by Flourish.

Here is how you use the visual: Click on the date at the top to see that day's price. Hover over a color to see the price band. As you click thru each date you will see the dramatic movement in prices for the underlying securities in HYG. The March 2020 price swings in the underlying securities of USD High Yield ETF's should be a favorite topic for academics for many years in the future. I am looking forward to reading their papers.


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