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Oooooo....So that's what happens when you create ETFs for an illiquid market like High Yield.

Published on July 30, 2020

Fred Willard was a comedy genius. My favorite Willard character was Mike Lafontaine in A Mighty Wind. The line "Hey, wha happened?!" always makes me crack up. In March of 2020, I think I said "wha happened?!" each time I checked the prices of the underlying securities of HYG. The swings were so vicious and historic that I thought it would be cool to capture the movement in a data visual created by Flourish.

Here is how you use the visual: Click on the date at the top to see that day's price. Hover over a color to see the price band. As you click thru each date you will see the dramatic movement in prices for the underlying securities in HYG.

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